The Material: Beads, Sequins, and Shells

Alexus Roberts

Necklace of “African” Chevron Trade Beads and Lion Claws I030

Yoruba Segi Beads D092

Multi-strand Bracelet in Honor of the Condomblé Goddess Oxum C117

Seven necklaces representing Cuban Orichas B368

Ensemble for the Afro-Cuban Goddess Nanú- -Mother of San Lázaro/Babalú Ayé (possibly of Brazilian manufacture; 3 items – Já Scepter, Bracelet, and Necklace) C084/B168

Asson #1 A004

Beaded and Sequined Tchatcha Rattle #1 A075

Turtle-Shell Rattle for the Afro-Cuban God Changó B135

Ifá Divining Chain (Òpèlè) D146

Pair of Afro-Cuban Amulets (Osaines, Resguardos) B091

House of the Head #2 D039

Bottle for Minocan A009

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