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Vodou Flag for Èzili Dantò

Catalog Number: A015


29.25" x 31.25"

742.95 mm x 793.75 mm

Materials: Beads
Date of Manufacture: 02/2014
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

The lwa Ezili Dantò is frequently depicted as a strong single mother. As such a figure she is frequently interpreted as being fierce, aggressive, or even scary, however those that serve her know that such thoughts are misinterpretations of her being extremely protective of her children. Ezili Dantò not only defends her children but also gives them the strength to fight their obstacles. She is frequently depicted with the Catholic lithograph for the Black Madonna of Czestochowska or with the image of Madonna Salvatoris. She is also represented by the heart pierced by a dagger, as seen on the bottle, which represents the fierceness with which she defends her children and the gravity with which she shares in her children’s pain.