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Sequined Bottle for the God Kwiminèl

Catalog Number: A013


5.42" x 5.27" x 10.00"

137.65 mm x 133.80 mm x 254.11 mm

Religion and Denomination: Sèvi lwa/Vodou (Haiti, Ewe-Gen-Aja-Fon)
Country of Origin: Haiti
Ethnographic Origin: Haitian
Materials: Cloth
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

Bawon Kwiminel is a divinity of the Gede family, known for its combination of eros and thanatos.  Kwunubek is regarded as a convicted murderer awaiting the death penalty.  He is credited with the power of quick judgment and effective punishment of the worshiper’s enemies.  He is also unforgiving of the worshiper’s lapses of proper ritual service to him.  With the other Gede divinities he shares the cross as depicted on the bottle as a symbol.  Bawon Kwiminel is associated with Saint Martin de Porres.  His colors include black, purple, white and deep red.