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Rio Style Accessories for the Candomblé Hunter God Oxossi

Catalog Number: C025


Crown: 46 cm tall 
Armlet: 12 cm tall 
Wristlet: 13 cm tall 
Wisk: 80 cm 
Bow and Arrow: 28 cm long / 18 cm wide


Religion and Denomination: Candomblé (Brazil)
Country of Origin: Brazil
Ethnographic Origin: Bahian (Brazil)
Materials: Beads
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

This ensemble is for Oxossi, the hunter god.  They style of the accessories resemble the style seen in Carnival processions in Rio; the Rio style is known for covering the face of the practitoner almost entirely. This ensemble, however, was purchased in Bahia, where the Rio-style is less common.