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Rio-Style Accessories for the Candomblé Goddess Oxum

Catalog Number: C027

Country of Origin: Brazil
Ethnographic Origin: Brazilian (Brazil)
Materials: Beads
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

This ensemble is for Oxum, one of the three cowives of Xango.  Oxum’s is the goddess of gold, sensuality, and fresh water.  Oxum’s color is gold and this ensemble is beautifully decorated in the Rio style.  This style consists of intricate beauty reminiscent of something one might see in Carnival.  Also in Rio style, the face of the practitioner is almost entirely covered.  The ensemble includes an abebe because in addition to the fact that the Candomblé goddesses are thought to be vain, Oxum is also the goddess of feminine beauty.  The ensemble also features a sword because Oxum is thought of by her followers as a warrior.