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Pano (Paño) for Oggún

Catalog Number: B003




43” x 42.25”

1,092.2 mm x 1,073.15 mm

Religion and Denomination: Santería (Cuba, Yoruba)
Country of Origin: United States
Ethnographic Origin: Caribbean
Materials: Cloth
Date of Manufacture: 01/2010
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

In Santería/Ocha, the oricha Oggún is represented by the colors black and green. This oricha is the god of iron, war, and machinery, which is why he is frequently depicted with (or by) tools. Oggún can have as many as nine caminos (paths; avatars), which could be related to the number of tools depicted in this pañuelo: there are nine tools. The object underneath the tools is unidentifiable, although some believe it to be a stool of sorts. There are no Santería/Ocha myths that would support this claim, that is, there are no myths that relate Oggún to a stool.