Showcasing the art and ritual of the African and African-diaspora religions

Ọpa Bàtà – Agogoro Staff – Lagos

Catalog Number: D029







40 in


Religion and Denomination: Yoruba indigenous religion (Yoruba)
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Ethnographic Origin: Yoruba
Materials: Wood
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

 The Ẹyọ̀ festival is a colourful festival that expresses and exhibits the culture and traditions of the city of Lagos. It is widely anticipated and attended by Lagos indigenes and also by visitors both from across Nigeria and internationally. Its splendid and expansive theatrical displays and pageantry highlight and showcase the aboriginal history of the denizens of Lagos, and through a picturesque array of regalia and costumes, forms parades on the island of Lagos. This is largely regarded as a day of joyous splendor and gaiety. The festival has evolved over three centuries, and is usually held to celebrate the life and times of, or in commemoration of the passage of or ascension to the throne of an Ọba (King) of Lagos. Equally, the Ẹyọ festival is staged in the memory of a deceased worthy and illustrious individual, such as a White Cap Chief, who has contributed immensely to the progress and development of Lagos. It is deemed as constituting the highest honor that Lagos can offer to repay a citizen for eminence and public service. Despite its focus on local history and politics, there have also been incidents when the Ẹyọ̀ Play has been performed to coincide with the honouring of foreign or state dignitaries.