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Mortar for the Yoruba God Shango

Catalog Number: D038


11.52" x 12.38" x 13.75"

292.65 mm x 314.452 mm x 349.25 mm

Materials: pigment
Date of Manufacture: 03/2014
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

Orisha is a spirit that represents one of God’s manifestations in the Yoruba religions. Changó is one of the most popular orishas and is also the god of fire, lightning, and thunder. The mortar, specifically, was used during initiation ceremonies, which was believed to have been designed by Changó. The mortar and the batá drum made up the pilón, the object that served as the asientos principal consecration stool. Furthermore, the mortar was a symbolic extension of the Changó’s royal status.