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Ensemble for for the Snake God

Catalog Number: C024


Crown: 24 cm tal 
Belt: 24 cm tall / 29 cm in diameter 
Armlets: 10.5 cm tall / 13 cm in diameter 
Bracelets: 13.5 cm tall / 10.5 cm in diameter 
Sword: 32 cm long 
Hand-held Snake: 33 cm long


Religion and Denomination: Candomblé (Brazil)
Country of Origin: Brazil
Ethnographic Origin: Bahian (Brazil)
Materials: Sheet metal
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

Besseim, the Snake God, is one of the most important gods in the Jeje Nation.  He is called Oxumarê  in the Quêto/Nagô nation.   Like most ensembles, this one features a piece for the head, a wide belt-like piece, armlets, wristlets, and at least one hand-held symbol.