Showcasing the art and ritual of the African and African-diaspora religions

Doll Roped to Chair (used in Haitian Vodou Magic)

Catalog Number: A029

5.69" x 6.67" x 9.12"
144.46 mm x 169.38 mm x 231.70 mm
Materials: Cloth
Date of Manufacture: 03/2014
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

In order to make someone “sit down” by means of magic, says Manbo Marie Maude Evans, you use a black doll for someone you don’t like. It harms the person. You use a red dall for someone you love, and you just want to stop the person from harming him or herself.  You tie the doll down, light a candle, and talk to your mèt tèt, the “lord of your head,” and your ti bon anj (the personal spirit that oges with you whenever you take a step) and to the other person’s mèt tèt and ti bon anj as well.  The procedure works only if you persuade the other person’s spirit (ti bon anj) that you’re doing it to keep the person safe.

At Botanica Mt. Carmel, they said that making a person “sit down” is a way of dominating and controlling the person.  You wouldn’t really do it to a loved one.  Instead, you would use Ven a mi or some other candle.  You can use a black candle for any sitting down magic.  You can use just one or, depending on your situation, 3 or more candles.

Manbo Maude says that she never uses a rocking chair. You need a really strong and stable chair.  You have to talk a lot to make your intentions clear.  When someone is tying you down, you can usually feel it in your body.  You feel bound.  So you  have to talk to make clear your intentions.