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Changó Spirit Doll

Catalog Number: B021/H005


19.44" x 16.75" x 4.30" 
494 mm x 426 mm x 109.34 mm

Religion and Denomination: Espiritismo (Caribbean)
Country of Origin: Cuba
Materials: Plastic
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

This doll is a clear representation of an object for Changó, who is a powerful and regal oricha of thunder and justice; usually imagined as strong and virile. Changó, a very popular oricha was known to be strong-willed and hot-blooded, lloving all the pleasures of the world including key aspects of many traditional celebrations including, dance, drumming, and eating. The doll purchased as a tourist souvenir in a gift shop in Havana, was not specifically made for divination or religious tradition, however it is often connected to the Spirit of the Dead and Espiritismo, as it often represents one who was in life a worshiper of Changó.

The red and white colors used in the clothing of the doll are also generally symbolic of Changó.