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Bottle for OgouSen Jak

Catalog Number: A006


height: 27.9 
diameter: 7.6


height: 11 
diameter: 3


Religion and Denomination: Sèvi lwa/Vodou (Haiti, Ewe-Gen-Aja-Fon)
Country of Origin: Haiti
Ethnographic Origin: Haitian
Materials: Glass
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

Ogou Sèn Jak is but one of the many variations on the lwa Ogou. He belongs to the Nago Nation of Vodou. He is one of the most powerful and popular lwa in the religion. He is a warrior who rules over fire, iron, politics, and war. His colors are red and sometimes blue. Ogou Sèn Jak is associated with Saint James the Greater, who is depicted in the picture on the bottle. This connection stems from the Haitian legend that the leaders of the Haitian Revolution were possessed by Ogou leading them to mount horses and fight.