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Beaded Tarros Cargados de Oggue/Empowered horns of Oggue

Catalog Number: B014


7.3 x 3.2


Country of Origin: Cuba
Materials: Beads
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

The orisha Oggué is a companion of Changó and is generally represented by two horns of a young bull. He is the known to be the patron of the horned animals and flocks. Objects generally associated with Oggué were originally a single horn with otwere previously a single horn with otanes, stones or rocks consecrated to becoe the sacred objects of the orichas, shells and other attributes.These horns of Oggué are filled with a  secret sacred substance and generally accompany the alter of Chango (Shango).

Furthermore, the use of 16 cowrie shells in each of the horns symbolizes the power of 16 in divination