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Beaded cane for Agallú

Catalog Number: B016

Religion and Denomination: Santería (Cuba, Yoruba)
Transatlantic Family of Religion: Orisha
Country of Origin: United States
Materials: Wood
Usage: Ritual (non-yet-used)
Detailed Description of Significance:

Agallú, the Lord of the Volcano is often considered the oricha of the earth and often carries this cane to help him walk over obstacles that may come his way. The logic behind his control of the earth follows the idea that when the volcano erupts, the inside of the earth comes out. Being the child of Obatalá, Agallú is considered one of the primordial Orichas and is considered to be one of the oldest and most powerful of them. Earthquakes are also often associated with him because of his ability to change things from their core, like the force of an earthquake coming from the core of the earth. Where earthquakes and volcanos are prevalant, it is said that when humankind disrespects the earth, he lets go and shakes the walls of the core which quakes the earth. Agallú is very popular on the western part of the United Sates due to the high volume of earthquakes.