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Aguidaí Staff for an Avatar of the God Obatalá

Catalog Number: B078


3.53" x 4.84" x 8.04" 
89.60 mm x 122.88 mm x 204.16 mm

Materials: Metal
Date of Manufacture: 03/2014
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

Aguidaí (Cuban Santería/Ocha).  This staff embodies an avatar of the god Obatalá, particularly in the Cuban province of Matanzas.  It is used to confer afudaché, or the power of prediction, upon the diviner priests known as oriatés.

Helps make the predictions come true. He’s hold in the construction of oncle (?).

Aguidaí. Goes on stone-bearing sopera. No, not Dahomean. Yes, Yoruba — Tony, Botanica Eshu Ile, Bronx

an oricha that puts the world in order. Ernesto’s never heard of it.

Aguidai- given for muscle-bone problems. Cheaper than Babalu Aye. Cock here is in general is for the person to stand up — according to one Cuban in Miami,. a son of Eleggua