Showcasing the art and ritual of the African and African-diaspora religions


Muslims, or practitioners of Islam, believe that a man from the Arabian Peninsula named Muhammed (570 CE-632 CE) was the last in a series of priests to receive a direct communication from the high god shared by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. In life, he had been a merchant and a warrior. Unlike Christians, Muslims deny […]

On Healing in the Afro-Atlantic Religions

Does religion teach us how to avoid suffering, or how to suffer and transcend? The Afro-Atlantic religions are often sought out by those who are suffering, and offer a philosophy of healing the whole person, with less regard for the Western dichotomy of physical and spiritual. This visual guided tour seeks to explore the following key questions: How are the gods and spirits called upon for healing? How do objects for ritual and healing specifically reflect their ambivalent abilities to both hurt and heal?