Showcasing the art and ritual of the African and African-diaspora religions

On Healing in the Afro-Atlantic Religions

Does religion teach us how to avoid suffering, or how to suffer and transcend? The Afro-Atlantic religions are often sought out by those who are suffering, and offer a philosophy of healing the whole person, with less regard for the Western dichotomy of physical and spiritual. This visual guided tour seeks to explore the following key questions: How are the gods and spirits called upon for healing? How do objects for ritual and healing specifically reflect their ambivalent abilities to both hurt and heal?

Asian Religions

Although the region is also home to many Muslims, Hinduism is the dominant religion of South Asia, and Buddhism the dominant religion of Tibet, China, Japan, Korea, and continental Southeast Asia. Hinduism is an internally heterogeneous religion that has come to be considered a single tradition only since the era of European colonialism. Among its […]