Showcasing the art and ritual of the African and African-diaspora religions

Vessel Altar for the Candomblé Goddess Oxum

Catalog Number: C028


44.5 cm in diameter / 28 cm tall 
Salad plate: 20 cm in diameter 
Dinner plate: 26 cm in diameter


Religion and Denomination: Candomblé (Brazil)
Ethnographic Origin: Brazilian (Brazil)
Materials: Porcelain
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

This tureen was manufactured especially for the African inspired religious community.  The gold trim and  the sea shells images are directly related to Oxum, as she is the goddess of fresh water.  Yellow and gold are her favorite colors, and  the marine motifs approximate the goddesses normally revered symbols.  The colo formation is heavily favored by the goddesses and the god Oxala.  The basin and the overall arrangement are also called iba which is a cognate of the Yoruba word igba which literally means “calabash.”  The vessel is accompanied by a small urn for water.  Water is an essential part in honoring the goddesses; all of the water vessels for goddesses have handles as seen in the photograph.