Showcasing the art and ritual of the African and African-diaspora religions

Three Elaborate Single-Strand Necklaces for the Afro-Cuban Goddess Yemayá

Catalog Number: B184


#1 (dark-blue and clear beads): 41.34" (circumference); 0.45" (largest bead) 
1,050 mm (circumference); 8.05 mm (largest bead)

#2 (dark-blue and sea-green beads): 20.87" (circumference) 0.32" (largest bead) 
530 mm (circumference); 8.03 mm (largest bead)

#3 (clear beads with blue and salmon bead accents): 20.12" (circumference); 0.32" (largest bead) 
511 mm (circumference); 8.17 mm (largest bead)

Materials: Glass
Usage: N/A