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Plate for Obia

Catalog Number: P013

Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

Among the objects in the “Plate for Akantasi” is a ring (Boei [pl?]) with pimba, a parrot feather, hair from a strong forest pig’s tail, and a cowry shell. The staff at Riedwijn Import and Export says that cowries came from Europe and were used to buy people in the middle part of Africa. ¬†That is why cowries are used to pay. Akantasi uses either green, black, and yellow, or red, white, and blue colors for his Singaman Tete. Singa means “vine” and Tete mean “rope”. This is a vine rope with a black ball containing herbs to call the spirit for more power. The pamoni, or cowry shell, is a payment to the spirits to deliver the message. The candle in Dutch is called “Kaars”. The pig hair on the are bracelet comes from a strong animal in the woods called a Tamanua. It is a bush pig. These hair come from its tail. Akantasi is a rough spirit, and has lots of power. Like an Ampuku, he lives in the woods. He is “dark-skinned, and very large” according to Diana. If he comes to protect you, he guards you, “he is very rough, like a Hell’s Angels”. Yes, he gets angry easily if you’re not living by the rules. He’ll make you sick, or use any means to make you follow. Be straight, don’t steal, lie, or beg. Be very clean. He doesn’t like a mess. “If something comes at you to kill you, he will stand in front of you. He takes it.” …all according to Diana.

Robert and Diana say the Winti don’t punish people. But Reuben and Steevan said that Akantasi will afflict people with sickness, etc., if they get on the wrong path- for example through dishonesty, stealing, greed, etc.¬†