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Pañuelo for Yemayá

Catalog Number: B005




41" x 41"

104.14 mm x 104.14 mm

Religion and Denomination: Santería (Cuba, Yoruba)
Country of Origin: United States
Ethnographic Origin: Cuban (Caribbean)
Materials: Cloth
Date of Manufacture: 04/2014
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

Yemayá is the oricha of the seas and her number is seven, which represents the seven seas. Her colors are blue and white. She is associated with femininity, maternity, and riches, which translates to her association with the fan image. It is said that Yemayá is a spin of term “Yeye Omo Eja” which means “Mother of the Fish” which is fitting since she rules over the sea and she is considered the mother of all: the number of her children is similar to the number of fish in the sea. She is considered to be a fierce protector of her children especially when it comes to her female children and their dealings with childbirth (conception, labor, etc.). The image of the corn on this  pañuelo speaks to the fact that one of Yemayá’s sacred foods is corn in the form of corn pap (ecó) and hominy ebó.