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Ọ̀pá Òsùn

Catalog Number: D027




30 in tall and 10 in in diameter


Religion and Denomination: Yoruba indigenous religion (Yoruba)
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Ethnographic Origin: Yoruba
Materials: Metal
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

The Ợpá Òsùn represents the fate of a person and is placed in front of one’s home. It must never lie down while the person is still alive and sometimes if a person wishes one ill they would go and take up the Ợpá Òsùn and put it horizontally one the ground.

The Ợpá Òsùn features many smaller birds and bells surrounding a bigger bird. The birds represent the good and bad forces circulating in the air. Birds are also used due to the fact that they always lead onwards with their heads.

“The central bird appears to bring the smaller birds into an orderly meeting and cooperative project, for the benefit of the owner.”