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Maraca for Changó (brown item in R’s left hand)

Catalog Number: B027


Height : 15.5 
Diameter of Maraca : 3


Date of Manufacture: 03/2014
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

This red and white colored maraca is a clear representation of an object for Changó, who is a powerful and regal oricha of thunder and justice; usually imagined as strong and virile. Changó, a very popular oricha was known to be strong-willed and hot-blooded, lloving all the pleasures of the world including key aspects of many traditional celebrations including, dance, drumming, and eating.

The red and white, bears a strong connection to Changó. Furthermore the handle of the maraca has 6 hanging strings of beads cowrie shells attached at the end, which is significant to Changó , as his special number is 6.

The maraca is also symbolic of the importance of music and rhythmic beats in the various celebrations and rituals of Santería.