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Male Chastity Device

Catalog Number: I055



Made in Taiwan

Materials: Cardboard
Usage: Ritual (non-yet-used)
Detailed Description of Significance:

This device mimics the chastity belt used in the European Middle Ages to prevent intercourse by women whose husbands were away, applying a similar constraint to a man’s use of his penis. Indeed, the device seems intended to cause the wearer pain if he gets an erection. It caters to the fantasy of many contemporary men to be dominated by their male or female sexual partners, enhancing their sexual pleasure through domination and delayed gratification. 

Although the item was manufactured in Taiwan, all of the models on the company website seem to be white.

The product seems principally intended for use by native English, French, German, and Spanish speakers and other Westerners who practice BDSM (Bondage-Discipline/Dominance-submission/Sado-masochism) and similar forms of white middle-class erotic play based on “power exchange,” or one person’s conditionally conceded full control over his or her body to another person.