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Indian Style Accessories for the Candomblé Hunter God Oxossi

Catalog Number: C026


Manny Vega

Religion and Denomination: Candomblé (Brazil)
Country of Origin: United States
Ethnographic Origin: Bahian (Brazil)
Materials: Beads
Date of Manufacture: 08/2010
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

The ensemble is for the hunter god, Oxossi, which explains the bow and arrow.  He is one of the most important gods in Brazil.  The style encompasses many different inspirations, which speaks to the cosmopolitan nature of Candomblé.  The artist is a Puerto Rican-ethno New Yorker who was initated into Brazilian Condomblé religion in the famous Gantois temple of Bahia. He constantly draws on an international range of styles as he designs sacred accessories.  Oxossi’s cap in this ensemble is consciously modeled on an Assyrian prototype.