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Hanging Beaded Gourd Altar for the Afro-Cuban God Osain

Catalog Number: B163


12.00" x 5.69" x 5.02"

305.00 mm x 144.48 mm x 127.47 mm

Materials: Glass
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

Osain is the power of leaves, life, death. This rolling things feathers and crushed bird heads (especially of songbirds) are placed in the gourd. His offerings are carried in the yard each god can be an Osain. The holes in San Lazaro sobisu are for the feathers of the guinea fowl. San Lazaro’s # no 7 but the 17th of [?] December is his festival day. Ugly people symbolize Osain. He committed some infractions against Changó, who then struck him with epilepsy, cutting off an ear, a leg, an eye, etc. So he’s really ugly.