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Fon Scepter (Récade, Makpo or, possibly, Soussioui) for the God Hevioso

Catalog Number: J033


wood, cloth, gourd, glass beads, coins, animal tooth, shell, cowries,metal wire, bell, nut or shell (this is all wrong information for the recade


left: 22.81" x 2.50" x 2.49" 
right: 0.23" x 2.54" x 2.51"

left: 580.00 mm x 63.27 mm x 63.76 mm 
right: 585.00 mm x 64.60 mm x 63.76 mm

Religion and Denomination: Vodun (West Africa, Ewe-Gen-Aja-Fon)
Country of Origin: Benin Republic
Ethnographic Origin: Fon (Ewe-Gen-Aja-Fon, West Africa)
Materials: Wood
Usage: Ritual (used)