Showcasing the art and ritual of the African and African-diaspora religions

Ensemble of Haitian Bead Necklaces

Catalog Number: A038


Yellow: 28.75" (circumference) x 0.19" (bead) 
730.25 mm (circumference) x 4.83 mm (bead)

Red: 34.75" (circumference) x 0.18" (bead) 
882.65 mm (circumference) x 4.57 mm (bead)

White: 34.00" (circumference) x 0.17" (bead) 
863.60 mm (circumference) x 4.32 mm (bead)

Yellow and green: 29.25" (circumference) x 0.16" (bead) 
742.95 mm (circumference) x 4.06 mm (bead)

Orange: 28.50" (circumference) x 0.16" (bead) 
723.90 mm (circumference) x 4.06 mm (bead)

Orange and transparent: 35.00" (circumference) x 0.18" (bead) 
889.00 mm (circumference) x 4.57 mm (bead)

Black: 28.50" (circumference) x 0.18" (bead) 
723.90 mm (circumference) x 4.57 mm (bead)

Materials: Glass
Date of Manufacture: 03/2014
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

Yellow: Papa Loko

Red: Papa Ogou

White: Papa Damballah

Yellow and green: Mambo Aizan

Orange: Maitresse Valekete (sister of Mambo Aizan)

Orange and transparent: Papa Damballah & father of Damballah

Black: Guede