Showcasing the art and ritual of the African and African-diaspora religions

Cuban Chango-Motif Humidor

Catalog Number: B034


box: 8.94" x 8.49" x 2.32" 
227.13 mm x 215.75 mm x 58.94 mm

air freshener(?): 2.23" x 2.23" x 0.70" 
56.68 mm x 56.68 mm x 17.69 mm

Materials: Glass
Date of Manufacture: 03/2014
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

Humidor for holding cigars.  Red and white are strongly associated with changó. The humidor is lined with cedar, a tree sacred to Changó. The string of beads surrounding the head of Changó appear in clusters of six, six and twelve being sacred numbers associated with Chango. The representation of Changó can also be traced to Cuba due to the fact that in Cuba Changó is regarded as a mulatto.   This item illustrates the incorporation of African-inspired religious motifs in items of elite and non-ritual consumption. The batá drum illustrated at the bottom of the image is another element sacred to Changó.