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Bottle for Minocan

Catalog Number: A009


height: 28.4 
diameter: 8.1


height: 11.2 
diameter: 3.2


Religion and Denomination: Sèvi lwa/Vodou (Haiti, Ewe-Gen-Aja-Fon)
Country of Origin: Haiti
Ethnographic Origin: Haitian
Materials: Glass
Usage: N/A
Detailed Description of Significance:

This bottle is for all of the lwa (Minocan=omnibus), therefore there are no colors or symbols that represent a specific lwa. Instead, a range of colors is used, perhaps to represent as many lwa as possible without offending anyone. Although snake iconography is generally used to depict the lwa Dambalah, most worshipers believe that the true form of all lwa is the snake, however Dambalah is the one that appears in his snake form the most often. Given this belief, it becomes more apparent that this bottle is for all of the lwa and not just one, namely Dambalah, in particular.